Writing Dread


I’m nearing the end of the second draft of my novel, and I have to confess something: I’m kind of dreading the writing process at the moment.

I don’t know what it is. It’s not fear of showing the story to others, because I’m going to take it through another draft at least before I do that, and when I was first writing it I showed the first five chapters to my writing group at the time. It’s not out of concern for the direction the story has taken. I don’t feel like I’ve written myself into a corner. And I don’t think it’s writer’s block, because when I do manage to sit down and do it, it doesn’t take long for me to get into the flow of things. I have a suspicion that it’s something to do with having something real and imperfect, versus imaginary and perfect, and realising the work involved in ploughing forwards with yet more edits and revisions.

I tried consulting the big bad internet to see what other writers think, but there is surprisingly little on the subject. Is this something only I am going through? (I doubt it.) Or do people just not like talking about it? Or is this what other people would call writer’s block but I wouldn’t?

Whatever the truth, I’ve come too far to give up, and I’ll be done with a second draft within weeks! I’m interested to hear from other writers though – do you ever feel dread when it’s time to write? What does it feel like? When or how often do you get it? Is it writer’s block, or is it not?

And for anyone who is feeling dread right now (including me): good luck and keep going!

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