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Last night I had a wonderful evening at the Opera House, watching Henry Rollins speaking. Henry Rollins got his big break in the 80s as the singer of punk band Black Flag, and since then has gone on to be a person who gets to just Do Cool Stuff for a living. He’s a writer, actor, comedian, radio show host, musician and activist (and more), and it’s effortlessly entertaining to hear him speak. When his show was over I was annoyed at how short it had been, until I looked down at my watch and saw I’d been there for nearly two hours. I just hadn’t noticed the time pass.

Henry Rollins
This is Henry Rollins. He looks serious here because this picture is from his other show about American politics – enough to make anyone serious.

I saw his second show of that weekend, Slide Show, in which she showed travel photography he’s taken over the years and talked about the photos. They were no ordinary holiday snaps, however, as he has been to more interesting places than you and I ever will combined, and has a true passion for focussing on the people around him, talking to them and engaging with them.

I probably can’t remember all the places he showed photographs from, but they included: Afghanistan, Cuba, New Orleans, Antarctica, India, Mali, South Sudan, Syria, Bhutan, Tibet, North Korea and Vietnam. And each of them came with another interesting story, funny, tragic, heart warming, intriguing.

It’s inspired me to dig into some of my on travel photography and dust off my special snaps. Next week I want to share some of those pictures here.




Henry Rollins



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