Bucket Lists on the Cheap

So, you can’t afford to put fancy stuff like going to the moon on your bucket list? Here are ten enjoyable and AFFORDABLE alternatives:

  1. Put raspberries on the tips of all your fingers
  2. Dance in a toilet cubicle at workraspberries
  3. Think (only) about running along the escalator in the wrong direction
  4. Fart in a public corridor
  5. Build IKEA furniture without looking at the instructions
  6. Sit in a bath and slowly lower your legs into the water, pretending that your knees are islands affected by climate change
  7. Use perspective to pretend that you are squashing strangers’ heads
  8. Disobey serving size suggestions
  9. Solve simultaneous equations
  10. Get in a sleeping bag and pretend you are a maggot

Take it from me, I have done all of these and my life has come out no worse than it was before.

Don’t let your dreams be dreams!

One thought on “Bucket Lists on the Cheap

  1. Khanya Reply

    Number 9 I don’t like. I would replace it with something else. Divination by means of billboards maybe… Billboardomancy, there’s a good thing for a bucket list.

    Loved your post.

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