And We’re Back!


If you are a returning reader you may notice that the blog looks a little different than it did two weeks ago… I’ve moved servers and started using WordPress, in a decision I’m hoping will ultimately provide me a more robust site with more flexibility. So, expect a few changes over the coming weeks as I build the site and turn it into something better.

In the meantime, here are three pictures I took hiking yesterday, near Sydney:


A lot of people would say otherwise, but I absolutely love lens flare in pictures. Something about the colours and the dramatic way the light seems to shoot across the screen. I often like to position the sun behind certain objects in the foreground to give dark, moody lighting and a halo effect. The sun always comes through the trees so beautifully when I go hiking, so I end up taking a lot of pictures like this one.



This is the first time in my life I’ve encountered a bridge across water where it was drier to walk next to it rather than over it.



I never get tired of seeing these colourful little rainbow lorikeets everywhere I go.



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