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This week, I said I’d look through some of the interesting travel photos I’ve taken. A lot of them are of the usual same-ish awkward close-ups of museum items, or shaky shots of streets, but in amongst those there are a few good ones.

I’ve selected three to share today, featuring people I’ve seen on my travels. I don’t take many photos of other people. I tend to be quite shy, and taking photos invites a certain amount of interactivity with that person. But since photos of people breathe life and meaning into travel photography, I hope to get better at it. I want to find interesting people and their stories. So, here are three…


I met this guy driving with my father in South Africa. I always want to say we were in Malmesbury, a small provincial sort of town in the South West, except I know that wasn’t it. We’d stopped at some place with a Cape Dutch style church, and while we were outside, this guy and his friend came past, both with giant catfishes draped across their back. We asked to take a picture, and he struck this pose for us.





I had recently moved to Tokyo, and with no friends yet to speak of and time to kill on my days off, I visited famous places on my own. I was in the Meiji Shrine near Harajuku when I spotted this wedding party coming by. It was a warm day, and the bright sun reflecting off the stone floor made this picture very bright, but not bright enough to illuminate the eaves in the background. I like the contrast of light and dark.



I was in San Francisimg_3106co visiting a friend, and had wandered into the city alone for the day, to see what I could see. And I just happened upon a burning building on a street corner. A crowd had gathered on the pavement outside, and we all watched as smoke billowed from the roof and the windows started to shatter. A man nearby started speaking to me. He told me the building was a halfway house for people who’d just come out of jail. He lived there, and now he was watching it burn. Imagine coming out of prison with next to nothing, and then watching even that go up in flames. At some point, reinforcements from the fire department came by, and I took this snap of one of them marching down the street with his chainsaw.


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