The Novel in Miniature

With my first draft safely tucked away (and not allowed to be touched until 1 May!) I have returned to short stories, fixing up a few old projects and starting some new ones.

A few days ago I finished a draft for a new short story, bringing me to what I suppose is the equivalent point of progress with my novel.  There were a few interesting similarities:

  • There were the same stops and starts, awkward phrases, hastily inserted square brackets with notes to myself
  • There was the same pride at having finished and eagerness to continue
  • There was the same simultaneous belief that I was on the edge of both success and disaster

Now I can see a living link in the process, I can begin shaping the small stories in ways which I hope will influence the large.  A sort of literary voodoo doll.  If I go through the entire review process with the utmost attention (redrafting, sending to beta readers, doing line edits), then submit for publishing, I hope to set myself a good precedent. 

As many repetitions of this short story process as possible before beginning my second draft will set a spell for dedication and success.

What do you do between your first and second drafts?  Do you take a break, dive straight in, work on other projects, do research?  I’d love to know!

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