Tomorrow is the last writing class in a series of classes I have been taking for well over a year.  I’m relieved, but I also know that there will be a time when I can’t wait to start again.

Writing classes have helped me boost my productivity, skills, knowledge of craft and enjoyment all in one.  I was taking writing classes at about the time I began the first draft of my current novel, and was able to workshop the first few chapters I wrote.  If it weren’t for some of that early feedback, I don’t think I would have found nearly as good an ending as the one I have now, and I wouldn’t have felt nearly so confident to keep powering through, no matter what.  By my current estimate, I’ll be finished writing my first draft within the month, probably within the next two weeks.

It’s been instructive and rewarding to see the work of fellow writers and students, and to be able to analyse and provide feedback.  To help them along, and learn a lot about my own work in the process – what I must do, what I could be doing better, what I should avoid.

For now though, my writing energy is begging me to employ it towards finishing my novel.  And for that I have to cut ties for a while, with other peoples’ work and with my own work created for the class.  When I finish my novel’s first draft I’ll have to spend a month ignoring it before beginning the second, but apart from that, I want to stay on this rollercoaster and finish what I started!


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