The Joy (and Pain) of eBooks

Last week I decided it was finally time (haha… I initially mistyped “tome”) to organise my eBook library and get some fresh titles on my Kobo eReader for the upcoming year.  This had been in the works (and much avoided) for months.

Steps that had to be taken to reorganise the Kobo with new titles:

  • Installed a new hard drive in my new desktop PC where I intended to save my new library
  • Installed the old hard drive from my now-defunct old laptop where I used to keep my library so I could transfer everything.
  • Put the entire PC tower back together
  • Realised I’d removed the old hard drive instead of the new one and had to start again.
  • Fixed my computer’s BIOS so it agreed to boot again now that the new hard drive was there
  • Installed Calibre for the first time on my new computer
  • Bought those new e-books I’d been salivating over for a while
  • (Better update my wishlist with even more new things!)
  • Installed Adobe Digital Editions and finally managed to download epub files for those books I’d just bought
  • (Better get sidetracked and update my Goodreads account)
  • ((Better get double sidetracked and count how many books I have read off various “100 Best” lists))
  • Added those new books I’d just bought to my Calibre library
  • Finally downloaded all those books I was owed from various Humble Bundle/Story Bundle purchases and had never claimed before
  • Added those other new books to my library
  • Gloried at all the books I now had
  • Plugged in the Kobo and tried to cram it full with All The Books
  • (Why won’t they fit??)
  • Realised the Kobo’s memory is sadly not infinite and that I will have to make some hard choices
  • (Why won’t it let me delete anything?)
  • ((Oh fine, reset the damn thing.))
  • (((Oh fine, factory reset the damn thing.)))
  • ((((Oh fine, set up the date and time and the wifi and log in to the Kobo account and install the Kobo platform I will never use on my desktop.))))
  • Endured an unspecified length of time waiting for firmware updates
  • Pared down my original list of book choices to one that would actually fit on the Kobo’s memory
  • Gloried at all the books I now had on my eReader.


And this was the short version.  It may seem like eBooks are an unworthy pain in the butt after going through that, but I still love them to bits.  Next week, I’ll talk about why.  In the meantime, I am ready to fall into bed forever and read, with a cup of tea at my side.

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